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Writings on Traditionis Custodes

July 16

Traditionis Custodes: The New Atom Bomb” (The Remnant) [also: Spanish; German]

Interview with Cameron O’Hearn: “Did Pope Francis Just Ban the Latin Mass? Reaction to ‘Traditionis Custodes’” 

Round table discussion on Restoring the Faith’s The Rundown!

July 17

TLM Celebrants: Keep Doing the Readings in Latin—Add Vernacular as Appropriate” (New Liturgical Movement)

July 20

Given its foundational falsehoods, does Traditionis Custodes lack juridical standing?” (LifeSite News; cross-posted 7/21 at Rorate Caeli) [also: Italian]

July 21

Dr. Kwasniewski on Traditionis Custodes: Worst Papal Document in History” (extensive interview at The Remnant) [Spanish; German]

July 28

It’s Time to Imitate Our Forefathers: Never Give Up!” (OnePeterFive) [also: Italian]

July 30

Transitioning from a Time of Peace to a Time of Struggle” (OnePeterFive) [also: Italian]

August 3

The Pope’s Boundenness to Tradition as a Legislative Limit: Replying to Ultramontanist Apologetics” (Rorate Caeli) [also: Italian; GermanSpanish]

August 4

Gearing Up for the Long Campaign” (OnePeterFive) [also: Italian]

August 13

Why Restricting the TLM Harms Every Parish Mass” (Crisis Magazine)

August 16

Crocodile Tears and Hand-Wringing: No GPS Coordinates for the Unicorn” (The Remnant)

August 18

Andrea Grillo: The Mind Behind the Motu Proprio” (OnePeterFive) [also: Italian]

August 24

When a Bishop Outlaws Private Traditional Masses” (OnePeterFive)